jueves, 8 de octubre de 2015

Good night world.

No, things didn't get better this day, I've felt worse, but the only thing that did kinda surprised me was when one of my classmates asked me if I was fine cause she said I looked sad, wow I was like someone realized cause usually no one ever notices so when she asked me I didn't even know what to answer. But that's not all guess what made my day even more worse? Today they gave us our test grades and guess how much I got after staying up all night studying?!! Congratulations to me I got a B+ (88%) great huh? According to my grade scale a B+ means above average; good oh come on just GOOD that is just #&%$@* so now I have three B+ and one A+, I'm not a nerd neither am I a smart smart girl but I am very dedicated cause I like what I study, I'm a med student trying to be a doctor. But now going back to the grade score if we do a sum it would be like this depressed + bad grades (above average; good)= more more more depressed. But I'm alive today so that counts as a triumph 💪. Tomorrow will be a other day so I might as well just try to get some sleep and "maybe" I'll feel better tomorrow. So good night world.

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