viernes, 9 de octubre de 2015


Today didn't happen much, I'm still feeling bad but not too bad like yesterday, you see my depression consists in crying, listening sad music, eating a lot or not eating at all, but than after some days it just goes and I feel great. Kinda crazy huh? Well today something did happen that well I just have never seen or maybe not the way I saw it, two of my classmates started to discuss in front of our teacher (doctor) and said well let me just say they used inappropriate language, you should have seen my face it had 3 stages: first face was like of surprised 😨 , second face was of embarrassment 😓 cause damn do that in front of the teacher isn't good at all, and the third but not last face was kinda like I wanna throw myself on the floor and start laughing out loud when I mean out loud is really really out loud hahaha 😂 it really doesn't bother me at all cause they can beat up each other but the point is that no matter what age we have we aren't mature (we don't have a mature attitude) even though we try I mean like my teacher says "it is what it is", people say they are very mature but trust me they have something that will make them lose control. So maybe nobody's actually mature, cause people can be mature "sometimes" and others can act as like if they're matures cause I think being and acting mature are two totally different things right? What do you think? Cause I am mature depending the situation and trust me sometimes I am a really mature person so much that I even get surprised BUT sometimes I'm not. So are you a mature person? Or do just act like one or both?

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